World Market

Most people didn’t consider Cost Plus World Market a place to buy furniture. So to promote their 2018 Outdoor Collection—and build the connection to furniture for consumers—we took a long hard look at everything we associate with summer.

Pools, popsicles, sea shells, ice cream sandwiches, and refreshing drinks all provided inspiration into a colorful and bold world that says this collection is inspired by, and designed for, summer.

The campaign saw a full 10% jump in YOY in association with furniture with aided awareness shooting all the way up to 57%. Additionally, more than half of category shoppers felt more positive about CPWM and were more likely to visit after seeing the "Designed for Summer" campaign.


Cost Plus World Market has a ton of touchpoints for all their campaigns. To ensure a unified look and feel across such a diverse range of applications, we developed an in-depth style guide and toolkit to deliver a hollistic visual experience through in-store signage, direct mail, social posts, digital video, coupons, and whatever else inevitably croped up.


SR. CW Phil Fattore
Angelique Hering
Todd Eisner
Jamie Barrett