In 2017, we were asked to make wood (more) interesting.

We quickly realized that when your product is as beautiful as redwood, you don’t have to do anything other than show it off. So technically, we didn’t need to show people a talking redwood puppet. We just wanted to.

The result was Humboldt Redwood’s most successful consumer campaign to date, and recognition from Cannes Lions.

Social Videos:
Sustainable Footage

After the initial campaign, (and with no production budget whatsoever) Redwood came to us asking to extend the campaign to social media.

Our solution? Humboldt Redwood is sustainable in their harvesting practices, so we thought their commercials should be sustainable as well. We created “Sustainable Footage”: New commercials made from reused footage. (Before pre-owned BMWs, too.)

Social Videos:
Wood for Thought

We also allowed our plank more time to pontificate about the nature of his world in “Wood for Thought”, all for low low price of non-Getty, royalty-free stock footage.


2017 CANNES Shortlist Film

ADWEEK Ad of the Day

2017 SF ADDYS Silver TV




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